Pre-Payment Care Membership Agreement With an annual fee of $1,200.00 you receive the following services:

  • First visit or annual comprehensive history and physical (any lab or testing required at cost).
    • preferred rates with medical / corporate partners for lab, X-ray or special testing
    • basic labs that will not be an additional charge in this discount are the CMP, Lipid panel, TSH, PSA, HgbA1C, CBC and annual routine Pap Smear
    • services like sutures special procedures like ultrasound or EKG or supplies like injections or innoculations are not discounted with the Access Card (see below for info) after the initial evaluation
  • Annual review and update of medical records including review of current primary diagnoses.
  • All subsequent or follow up office visits and testing.
  • Direct access to physician via:
    • eConsultations by e-mail or texting with 48 hour turnaround
    • 24/7/365 cellular phone access to your physician
  • Online access to your office health records 24/7/365
  • Liaison / advocate with hospital during hospitalization and/or review of hospital charges
  • Online refill of prescriptions; Nutrition/Lifestyle counseling; travel counseling; follow up laboratory and testing at cost.

There is no extra charge for most basic lab work with pre-payment care or any additional charge for the visit for any tests.  Some non-routine lab work that is sent out or tests needing special equipment and supplies is a fee based on actual costs.

Alternative to Pre-Payment Care Agreement

ACCESS CARD – for a fee of $350 per year you can receive comprehensive physical exam and wellness screening that includes an extensive panel of testing that can help discover diseases that may not have symptoms but when caught early can result in better health.  Included with this annual exam is an “Access Card” which, allows you to schedule visits for a fee of only $30 for each quarter hour visit for 12 months.  No extra charge for most basic lab work for Access Card users or for visits at time of testing.  Some non-routine lab work sent out or testing needing special equipment and supplies is a fee based on cost.

All Access Cards are nonrefundable once office visit or lab work is completed.  These represent a private 1 year contract between My Country Doc and patient which, is executed after payment has been made and initial services rendered.  If you would like to make monthly payments for the Comprehensive Annual Exam using the Access Card you may do so for an up front fee of $100.00 and monthly payments of $25.00 for 12 months.

MCD Services Payment Terms Appendix 1

DISCLAIMER:  Pre-Payment Care or Access Cards are not a type of insurance but a prepaid discount plan.  Some insurers will reimburse patients directly for claims they submit for services such as annual exam, office visits, lab work or testing.  My Country Doc makes no guarantees regarding reimbursement by insurance companies and does not file insurance claims or sign insurance contracts.  We provide patients with a “Super Bill” that can be submitted to insurance companies.  For Medicare and Medicaid patients neither the patient nor My Country Doc is allowed to file claims.