Personalized Care, Significant Savings & Technology

A stethoscope on the top of the EKG chartThe concept of personalized care coupled with technology could make for a workable system.  Presently we have the technology, but not the personalized care.

I provide both and at a lower cost.  Typically charging much less than the usual charges seen on your medical bills.  I am able to do this because I have drastically cut my overhead and eliminated the need to submit claims to insurance companies.  This actually increases efficiency and allows for lower costs.

Combining my system with your high deductible insurance plan, is lower then your monthly premium that would only have to cover catastrophic care.  My routine lab tests and other office-based tests are less expensive for the same reasons, and are done at the time of service, saving you time having to go elsewhere.

Office charges are submitted to you on a “Super Bill” form with proper billing codes that you can then submit to your insurance company to receive benefits due you.  And, your health care information never leaves my office needed to be submitted to insurance companies or the government.  Securing that your health information is private.  This is “Direct Care Medicine” offered to you.