Direct Primary Care Medicine

My Country Doctor – Full Services Informational Flyer


  1. Smaller patient panels allowing new visits of 60 minutes and follow up 15 to 45 minutes.
  2. ePrescriptions – direct re-filing of prescriptions with pharmacy (established patients only).
  3. Reduce need for travel to doctor’s office:
    • virtual home visits (through Skype)
    • remote home tele-monitoring of patient’s chronic conditions
    • home care personal visits as necessary
  4. Appropriate referral to the best hospitals and specialists as necessary.
  5. Web portals (internet access necessary).
    • direct patient access to medical information (lab/x-ray reports and consultations)
  6. Direct access to your physician 24/7 via e-mail, text or cellphone.
  7. Coaching on smoking, weight loss, psychological problems.
  8. Performance data via How’s Your Health – in conjunction with Dartmouth Medical School assessment of independent direct-care practices.
  9. Proactive health – because of the time available to each patient the problems list is reviewed on a regular basis whether the patient is seen or not to determine if the recent literature contributes to the care of the patient.  My private database and search capabilities records active problems and reports to the patient about any applicable advances in treatment.  I welcome any inquiries that my patients have regarding advertisements or news relevant to their condition.