My Country Doc

Why use “My Country Doc” for solving the medical care crisis?

I recall when my father was a family practitioner after returning from WWII; before the government and insurance companies got between the doctor and patient.  He took care of every person coming to see him regardless of their ability to pay and often made home visits.  He also provided his services free one day each month at the veterans hospital.

We are all aware of how things have changed since the 1950’s.  There have been many advances in medicine since then but the doctor patient relationship has suffered.  Physicians are now forced to practice defensive medicine and pay outrageous fees to malpractice insurance companies to protect themselves.

Physicians can make choices for themselves and also benefit patients.  That choice is “Direct Care Medicine”.  Known by other names but the underlying principle is health care delivery characterized by a direct relationship between a private physician and their patients.  This movement is gaining momentum and will change the American health care services by restoring the doctor-patient relationship of the past.

This works by the patient directly reimbursing the doctor for his services.  A rate is set whether hourly, per service or by an annual membership.  The annual fee is not a substitute for medical insurance but covers general health needs.

Based on my research and experience I have combined the best of  “Direct Care Systems” in my practice allowing me the freedom to do what is best for my patients.  If you wish to speak to me about this please feel free to contact me.

For more information on this form of practice refer to Concierge Medicine.

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